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A Person with Contagious Measles Spent Time at a Lot of Well-Populated Places in Seattle and Pierce County Last Week | Slog   




If you were at ECCC and spent any time in Pike Place Market, please read this! If you are feeling sick GO TO A DOCTOR!

Today I am grateful for vaccines. This is a lot worse than the usual “convention crud”. 

It’s important to note that if you were exposed and you think you may have measles. you need to call the doctor or the hospital you are going to BEFORE you go. They need to be prepared for your arrival so that you don’t spread measles to others. 

Fucking hell. Signal boost for people who were at Emerald City ComicCon and stopped by Pike’s on the 29th.

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One type of screamer is the .swf screamer. It’s just a webpage with a demon picture flashing in different colors at a certain speed, but it can cause seizures because it has a loud screeching noise. 

The way to see if a link is a screamer is to do this:

  • Hover over the link and look in the lower right-hand corner of your browser. 
  • If, at the end of your url it says .swf, DO NOT CLICK THAT SHIT. 
  • It will make you shit yourself, no lie! 

Signal boost this so people with anxiety can see it, please! I just really need for others to know that!


if you’re hesitant about clicking on a link and you cannot see its end destination or do not recognize it as a .swf you can expand shortened urls at

This works for and links, as well as other unfamiliar urls that have the potential to be youtube videos, unsafe google searches, and non .swf screamers.

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The White House is proposing to derail loan forgiveness for law students (all grad students actually) by proposing a change in the upcoming federal budget that would cap loan forgiveness for students. The current program forgives the balance of student loan debt if you work for 10 years in a public interest legal career. The new proposal would get rid of the 10 year forgiveness and instead cap it at $57,500, and make students pay the rest for another 15 years. To put this in perspective, if you have $150,000+ worth of debt when you graduate, you make minimum payments for 10 years (which would knock off ~$75k), your balance would be forgiven after 10 years, meaning almost $100k in debt would go away. Now, you’d only knock off $57k, and still have to pay over $100k for 15 more years. This means some people (like me) wouldn’t pay off student loan debt until their 50s. Please join me in signing this petition to tell President Obama to keep the current loan forgiveness program in place and not punish students who are committed to serving low-income communities!

Sign the Petition, PLEASE

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Posted 2 weeks ago

You won't believe what Tony Abbott is about to do to your internet.



Tony Abbott is about the sign off on possibly the worst power grab we’ve ever seen. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

If he signed this, your internet provider would be FORCED to POLICE YOUR ACTIVITY, and report everything you do online. There would be NO anonymous browsing, no “incognito” modes, no torrenting, no file sharing, NOTHING. Fanfics, fanarts, fanvids, ANYTHING thought to breach ANY kind of copyright, even in a completely harmless way, would be reported, and after THREE STRIKES, you WILL BE SENTENCED. 

You thought SOPA was bad? That is NOTHING compared to the TPP. 


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Help my daughter keep her transgender child




We received the following heartwarming and challenging email today and want to share it with all our followers in an effort to Jake and his family as much support as we can. 

Dear Trans*Enough,

I am the grandmother of a 7 year old child named Jake. The reason I am contacting you today is because I need help. My daughter (Jake’s mom) is currently in a custody battle. Jake’s father has sued to take away her parenting rights because my daughter supports her child. My grandson is transgender—he was assigned female at birth but identifies as a boy. His father is unsupportive of his gender identity and has attacked the one person in his life he needs the most, his mom. 

My daughter hired an attorney to help her keep her parenting rights but the legal fees are more than she can handle. I have already given my daughter what I can but it is not enough. That’s why I created a campaign to raise money for her legal fees so she can keep custody of Jake. I am hoping by reaching out you can spread the word about this campaign I created. Please read the rest of my story at and consider a donation. If you need the case to be authenticated, please message me through here and we’ll be in touch with you. We are more than happy to authenticate the case for anyone. 

I would also greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your family, friends, allies, monthly email newsletters, business community, social media, etc. Jake and his mom need all the help they can get. 

Thank you,
Beth (Jake’s Grandma)

15 days left and very short of the goal. Please signal boost.


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I need to pay rent and get food. Please help me pay rent and get food. Thanks so much; y’all are the BEST. <3

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Hey just a little note: If you follow people’s personal blogs and like their posts then please make sure your liked posts are set to private.

If they’re not then anyone can see what you’ve liked by going to and then be able to see the URLs of people’s private/personal blogs.

To set them to private go to and make sure the option to share your likes is set to off.

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My best friend just lost his one year old niece, so if y’all could keep his family in your thoughts/prayers, it would be appreciated.

aw will do

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i’m making this post to update everyone and to plead for this to reach as far as possible. the more ppl who see this, the more likely i am to be blessed with donations. i’ve seen others get out of situations like mine and i need that kind of help more than ever. there’s a donation button on my page, as well as a link to the original post that (that may hve more pertinent details. boosting this as much as everyone can manage would be a gift from gaia. warnings for abuse , ableism and gaslighting (i think that’s it)

so for anyone who’s been following my situation knows that i experience A LOT of emotional and mental abuse . the main source of my abuse throughout my entire life has been my parents. i am constantly dismissed, gaslighted, put down, insulted, mocked, controlled, isolated, held back, and denied my autonomy and personhood. the abuse has escalated to a terrifying and endangering point. in addition, the likelihood of me being able to come out as trans (nonbinary genderfluid, or really even as pansexual) is dauntingly low. i am a ghost of myself in this house, with these people and i’ Mm not sure i can take it much longer without an end in am scared that if my parents, and some other of my family, were EVER to find out who i really am while i am under their roof my safety and well being - which is already massively compromised - will be in jeopardy.

i am desperately trying to move out, and the sooner that can happen the better. i am about to drop out of college because of how sick i am and have been for
the past three years. i suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple my health is rapidly declining and i cannot afford treatment. i am also a self-diagnosed autistic (asperger’s probabl/)y my parents believing that i am faking (although the sometimes feign caring) and basically ignore any needs i have or treatment i need to seek and more often that not, make me feel like shit abt myself. i am failing school and unable to make basically any money. i have a small bit of money saved up but not nearly enough to be able to support myself while i find a higher paying job, and because of my disabilities finding a job that can meet my needs is incredibly difficult.

i have almost no support, and i don’t know what else to do. i’m afraid i could be kicked out in the next week or so. i have a few friends who i can crash with for a bit, but that can only
last so long. so i’m relying on the help of strangers and friends to see me through this ridiculously difficult time.

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Updated list of radfem/TERF blogs that actively troll/exhibit violence towards trans communities - specifically trans women.


I also changed the original post into a page on my blog for easier reference in the future. If you have additions/revisions you would like to be made, just send me a message.

DISCLAIMER: I am an AFAB non-binary person, so I would like it to be known that creating such a list and spreading the word about it is a privilege I have.

I also have a list of tumblr Truscum here. This was also converted into a page on my blog. Again, for easy reference.

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#abuse #parents #family #violence #emotional abuse #physical abuse #money #food #school

hi everyone!! im a queer dfab nonbinary 17 year old living in england and if youve been keeping up with my (trainwreck of a) blog then youll notice that im going through a bit of a rough patch right now, haha!!! but if not, ive been living in a very emotionally abusive household and after experiencing physical abuse early last year and fearing my safety again last week i ran away. currently im living in a hostel and its all a bit stressful and i dont have much money for very much of anything, unfortunately

while im entitled to some from the government, a lot of that is going to be going towards my rent. and over the next 6 months im going to be juggled a hell of a lot too, and i havent been able to like, have lunch the past few days and i dont have much money for like, anything really, and id just really appreciate having something to rely on. please dont feel obliged to donate anything, thou! i wont at all mind and there are people that need donations more than me, but like, if you do have a few spare pennies floating around id very much appreciate some cash. for food, for clothes, for hygeine stuff, for school stuff when i go back to college in september etc. ill keep people up to date on what their money is going towards… my paypal is and ive put a donate button on my blog

thanks so much for even considering anything!! i love you all so much and im so thankful for all the support ive recieved so far. youre all so wonderful

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Due to an extremely deadly winter here on the Northern Plains, a winter which has claimed the life of a tribal member, we are raising funds to deploy 20 home pilot projects to receive multi-fuel stoves to replace dependency on fossil fuels to heat our homes (namely propane). We will grow our fuel source and manufacture our own fuel sources in the immediate future to start this shift to renewables. We send our condolences to the family of the lady we lost to a home which could not afford to be heated. Google “Standing Rock propane crisis” for more info. email us at with any questions. We thank you genuinely. Lila wopila.

There are 7 days left to donate to the Heating the Rez campaign! You can still contribute here: