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The skeleton of the house is outlined inside in reclaimed wood, and a David Weeks Studio “Torroja Cross” chandelier floats gracefully above the stairwell.

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12 weeks gestation.. legal to kill in all 50 states. Does this look like a blob of cells to you? It’s just a matter of size. At 12 weeks, the entire Central Nervous System is formed. but “murder” is illegal?

This paints a whole new picture.

I will NEVER be okay with this. If you can’t handle having a kid, DON’T HAVE SEX.

My arguement against rape, and trust me I have a place to speak— Adoption is always a choice.

I didn’t realize that we gave birth to figurines made horrendously out of polymer clay.

Actual normally-developing fetus of 12 weeks, just for reference:

Crown to rump length averages 61mm, or about 2.5 inches. At this point it doesn’t have separate fingers and toes, eyelids, a respiratory system, or skin. Not that any of that matters re: the bodily autonomy of the person whose uterus its in if that person doesn’t want it there.

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