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Excentrique: Trompe L'oeil Jacket
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For all your post-apocalyptic Resident Evil world, LotR travelling to Mordor, and Assassin Creed needs.

Give to me

I just want to dress like this all the time

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Veronika Scott was a fashion student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit when her teacher, Stephen Schock, challenged her class to create a product that filled a need, rather than satisfying or creating a fad. Veronika’s design was a coat for homeless people that could transform into a sleeping bag, since in her city, she says, “you are constantly faced with the homeless epidemic.” 

Not only did her design win a International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America, it’s become the core of Veronika’s nonprofit organization, The Empowerment Plan, which hires people from homeless shelters and transition homes to help her make the coats. Now, three years later, the 24-year-old social entrepreneur expects that her team of 15 seamstresses will produce over 6,000 coats in 2014 — all of which will be distributed free of charge to people living on the streets. 

Veronika originally designed the coats seeking input from people at a homeless shelter. After receiving feedback from people who used the prototype over a Detroit winter, she refined the design to create her final version which, in addition to being a waterproof and windproof coat and sleeping bag, also transforms into an over-the-shoulder bag with storage in the arm sockets. 

When she started out, Veronika states,

“Everybody told me that my business was going to fail — not because of who I was giving my product to but because of who I was hiring. They said that these homeless women will never make more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — you cannot rely on them for anything. And I know my ladies enjoy proving everybody wrong.” 

And, their impact is growing — according to CNN, which recently honored Veronika as one of their 10 Visionary Women of 2014, “The Empowerment Plan expects to launch a ‘buy one, give one’ program that will make it sustainable beyond the donations and sponsorships that keep it running now. Hunters and backpackers who’ve asked to buy the coat will be able to do so, and the Empowerment Plan will still create coats for homeless people who need them.”

Veronika is also excited to show other clothing producers that local manufacturing is possible: “I think we’re going to show a lot of people: you think it’s outdated to do manufacturing in your neighborhood, but I think it’s something that we have to do in the future, where it’s sustainable, where you invest in people, where they’re not interchangeable parts.”

You can read more about Veronika’s organization on CNN, or watch a short video about her work here.

To learn more about The Empowerment Plan or how you can support their work, visit

For a wonderful book about women’s great inventions throughout history, check out “Girls Think of Everything” for readers 8 to 13.

For those in the US who would like to support efforts to end homelessness and help the over 600,000 people who experience homelessness on any given night, visit the National Alliance to End Homelessness at or to find a local homeless shelter to support in your area, visit

Important in so many ways.

This is amazing and wonderful.

That’s awesome :)

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Queen of Kings by Nyree Mackenzie for Moustache Magazine

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Tony Yaacoub Couture Fall-Winter 2014 | DETAILS

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Favourite Fashion: Alexander McQueen, Fall 2008 RTW

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hot tips for fat chicks and anybody else whose thighs hate them:

okay so you know how Bandelettes are a thing now to prevent thigh chafing? I have a pair but I think I am unique in my friend group that I don’t like them, they are a weird sensation on my legs and I’m worried they’ll fall off and they smell like new and I fear change. So what I’m doing this summer to not die when I wear dresses is: cutoff leggings shorts. lorts.

not like, fancy Modcloth leggings — this is the eight dollar Walmart shit I mostly wear under skirts in the fall when I don’t feel like committing to pants. you can even do it with old leggings whose thighs you’ve wrecked, if you want to put in a little more effort.


here are your leggings. they are boring and useless in June.


here is where you are going to HACK OFF HALF OF YOUR LEGGINGS. where you cut depends on how short your skirts are and how much thigh you need to protect — I cut mine a couple inches above the knee, since I never wear anything shorter than knee-length anyway, but put on your leggings and make a mark at the length you will want your LORTS, then take them off to cut.


here you have your lorts. BUT WAIT — THERE’S MORE

I said you can do this with your old wrecked leggings too, right? RIGHT


(fig. a: Damage My Thighs Do)

the calf pieces you hacked off? KEEP THEM





don’t use thread lighter than the cloth colour because it’ll show up, if you have a sewing machine it will make it way faster but I did a pair like this by hand in a couple hours. small neat stitches!

if you do this with a new pair of leggings then keep the calf pieces anyway because you will eventually need to repair them. unless you are a big spender and can just go mutilate another eight dollars at Walmart??

I’ve only hemmed one pair, because my leggings are made of fabric that rolls up a little instead of unraveling, so it looks perfectly respectable anyway.

and now you are fashion-forward and totally able to walk somewhere in your cute summer dress without Thigh Death or being worried about your cute flippy skirt doing its cute flippy thing in a light breeze:


thanks, lorts. lanks.

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Gracia Scale Top

#clothes for riding dragons

#clothes for slowly becoming the dragon you were born to be

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Evening Dress, 1957

Jacques Fath

via V&A

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The week in The LittleSaintStore

I would be less opposed to dressing up with stuff like this…

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Black jersey summer dresses, both in skater and maxi styles

Made to order in a range of sizes! 

Check out my Etsy to buy them and for more information!

(modelled by my sister and I)

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So my historical costuming resources list from 2011 was less than a page long- I’m not saying that I’ve learned a lot in the past three years, but this list is now sitting pretty at a solid nine pages.  Whew.  And people wonder why I want to redo this damn series.

This list is by no means an exhaustive one- it’s a list of (primarily western) historical fashion resources, both online and offline, that is limited to what I know, own, or use!  It’s a work in progress, and I’m definitely hoping to expand on it as my knowledge base grows.  First things first, how about a little:


  • Read, and read about more than just costuming.  Allowing yourself to understand the cultural and historical context surrounding the clothing of a particular region/period can be invaluable in sussing out good costume design.  Looking at pictures is all well and good, but reading about societal pressures, about construction techniques, daily routines, local symbolism, whatever else will really help you understand the rhyme and reason behind costuming from any given context.
  • Expand your costume vocabulary.  When you’re delving into a new topic, costuming or otherwise, picking up new terminology is essential to proper understanding and furthering your research.  Write down or take note of terms as you come across them- google them, look up synonyms, and use those words as a jumping off point for more research.  What’s a wire rebato?  How does it differ from a supportasse?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Double-check your sources.  Especially on the internet, and double especially on tumblr.  I love it, but it’s ground zero for rapidly spreading misinformation.  Books are usually your safest bet, but also take into account their date of publication, who’s writing them- an author’s biases can severely mangle their original source material.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Do everything you can to find out information on your own, but feel free to reach out to people with more specialized areas of knowledge for help!  Be considerate about it- the people you’re asking are busy as well- but a specific line of questioning that proves you’re passionate and that you respect their subject matter expertise can work wonders.

Okay, onto the links!


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of getting off the internet and looking into books!  God bless the internet, but books are (generally, this isn’t a rule) better-researched and better-sourced.  Bibliographies also mean each individual books can be a jumping off point for further research, which is always a fantastic thing.

Remember- owning books is awesome and you should absolutely assemble your own library of resources, but LIBRARIES.  Libraries.  You’ll be surprised to find what books are available to you at your local library.


Patterns fo Fashion books
Detailed, hand-drawn diagrams of historical fashion, inside and out.  Pretty amazing stuff.

Fashion in Detail books
Not what you want if you’re looking for photos of entire costumes- note the “in detail” bit up there.  Just a beautiful series, and great reference for all the little things you might miss otherwise.  The V&A has an amazing fashion collection, and it’s great to see them share it with the world.


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